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When is the best time to book a flight to Nigeria?

There may be a large price difference between flights to Nigeria depending on when the ticket is purchased and the city you are traveling to. When you fly also makes a difference, so with Price'n'Fly you can check several dates and several airports within the country you want to travel to, Nigeria in this case.

The dates you want to travel on largely determine the price of flights. With Price'n'Fly, you can find flights to and from several airports near the cities you choose and on flexible dates.

The best way to find cheap flights to Nigeria

There are more and more options and offers to travel, so finding the cheapest flight is not always easy without help. The Price'n'Fly's search engine takes into account these offers and your requirements when starting the search and shows you all the results that fit your needs. You can include several airports in the same search, so you can save when traveling to a secondary airport if you don't mind traveling to your city of choice.
Another advantage of booking a flight to Nigeria through Price'n'Fly is that you can see ticket prices for a few days before and after the stated date when searching. So if you have availability to travel on other dates you can save even more.

Find cheap flights to Nigeria

Flights Price Partner
Lagos • Benin City On 07/08/2020 One way Search date 3 days ago £60
Port Harcourt • Lagos On 10/08/2020 One way Search date 4 days ago £62
Lagos • Abuja On 08/08/2020 One way Search date 12 days ago £62
Lagos • Owerri On 26/11/2020 One way Search date 3 days ago £68
Abuja • Benin City From 19/09/2020 to 09/10/2020 Round trip Search date 5 days ago £126
Abuja • Enugu On 08/08/2020 One way Search date 2 days ago £137
Lagos • Warri On 10/04/2021 One way Search date 16 days ago £228

Get cheap international flights to Nigeria

Flights Price Partner
Accra • Lagos On 18/09/2020 One way Search date 5 days ago £88
Freetown - Lungi • Lagos On 08/08/2020 One way Search date 12 days ago £237
Cairo • Lagos On 28/09/2020 One way Search date 14 days ago £255
Kuwait • Abuja On 28/08/2020 One way Search date 11 days ago £257
Cotonou • Lagos On 31/08/2020 One way Search date 13 days ago £261
Douala • Lagos On 15/09/2020 One way Search date 8 days ago £267
Beirut • Lagos On 05/09/2020 One way Search date 11 days ago £285
London - Heathrow • Lagos From 19/10/2020 to 31/10/2020 Round trip Search date 2 days ago £290
London • Lagos From 27/11/2020 to 27/12/2020 Round trip Search date 3 days ago £303
London • Abuja On 02/02/2021 One way Search date 6 days ago £336

Price'n'Fly is the best tool with which to book cheap flights to Nigeria. We compare the prices of the available plane tickets to Nigeria in just a few seconds.