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When to book flights: get cheaper flights to China

If you are thinking of traveling to China Price'n'Fly helps you find the best offer. The prices of flights to China change according to the season. If the most important thing for you is to find cheap flights to China, the search engine for Price'n'Fly is undoubtedly your best ally.

We compare all the offers of more than 300 airlines to find the one that best suits you, including low-cost flights, last minute offers and special promotions offered by travel agencies with which we work.

The best way to find cheap flights to China

There are more and more options and offers to travel, so finding the cheapest flight is not always easy without help. The Price'n'Fly's search engine takes into account these offers and your requirements when starting the search and shows you all the results that fit your needs. You can include several airports in the same search, so you can save when traveling to a secondary airport if you don't mind traveling to your city of choice.
Another advantage of booking a flight to China through Price'n'Fly is that you can see ticket prices for a few days before and after the stated date when searching. So if you have availability to travel on other dates you can save even more.

Find cheap flights to China

Flights Price Partner
Shanghai - Pudong • Qingdao From 03/04/2020 to 10/04/2020 Round trip Search date 11 days ago £96
Wuhan • Chengdu On 14/04/2020 One way Search date 8 days ago £180
Beijing - Capital • Chengdu From 10/07/2020 to 16/07/2020 Round trip Search date 7 days ago £378
Beijing • Shanghai - Pudong From 14/04/2020 to 21/04/2020 Round trip Search date 8 days ago £393
Nanchang • Nanjing From 21/05/2020 to 22/05/2020 Round trip Search date 5 days ago £416

Get cheap international flights to China

Flights Price Partner
Manila - Ninoy Aquino • Guangzhou On 13/05/2020 One way Search date 3 days ago £42
Bangkok - Suvarnabhumi • Shanghai - Hongqiao On 05/07/2020 One way Search date 2 days ago £61
Jakarta • Shenzhen On 07/05/2020 One way Search date 9 days ago £91
Phnom Penh - Pochentong • Guangzhou On 31/05/2020 One way Search date 6 days ago £95
Hong Kong • Shanghai - Pudong On 06/05/2020 One way Search date 10 days ago £103
Bali - Denpasar • Beijing On 26/06/2020 One way Search date 2 days ago £106
Bangkok - Suvarnabhumi • Sanya On 02/05/2020 One way Search date 14 days ago £108
Bangkok - Suvarnabhumi • Shenzhen From 04/05/2020 to 11/05/2020 Round trip Search date 12 days ago £110
Seoul - Incheion • Zhengzhou On 04/05/2020 One way Search date 8 days ago £115
Bangkok - Suvarnabhumi • Shanghai - Pudong On 07/04/2020 One way Search date 15 days ago £127